Photography in lockdown

Since you already know my story, if you don’t know it yet, go and check my first blog you’ll get to know everything. So, I chose photography as my career and as you know the lockdown started in 2020, the coronavirus spread so fast all over the world, people were dying and it was the scariest moment for everyone. In this pandemic, I got to learn a lot, but the main lesson was you gotta live your life to the fullest, today only coz you don’t know, you might die tomorrow (not spreading negativity)
But these are real facts about life, and you do it today, because you don’t know what’s coming, what’s the future.

So, there was no chance of me going to college. Seriously, my subject was a practical one and everything I learned in my first semester was the theory. I bought my first camera canon 80d in November end and I was so excited about everything now m literally, gonna click pictures professionally gonna learn everything, and taking pictures here and there of my family as a normal young excited student would feel at the start. But then you find out what the real deal is.

This world is not at all like how it shows, it’s way more different, if you dig deeper you’ll get to know the real deal. Anyways, my college faculty tried there level best to teach us online everything about basic photography and the basics of photoshop, but as you know you can’t actually understand it until you practice it and so for that, they used to give assignments that can be done at home, and I tried my level best shooting at home doing the projects, understanding the photography rules.

You know photography ain’t that easy, if your thoughts are, oh you just have to click photos with a camera. No, you gotta learn everything, getting your creative mind on every time you click something, making sure to follow the rules, composition and so much more than that. My dad has supported me for this he used to take us on small nearby trips so that I can experience clicking outside. I’ll tell you about those trips some other time and this is how I experienced photography in lockdown last year…

Part 2 of this soon…

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